Tacview’s Remote Control feature allows you to control the current local aircraft in up to 4 simulators (DCS World, X-Plane and P3D/FSX) at the same time. 

To enable remote control, first launch your flight in your simulator.

Then access Tacview’s Remote Control feature:


Enter your simulator’s IP address, port being used and password for remote control if applicable (DCS World only). Click Connect.


If the connection fails, ensure the port is properly open and redirected on the host’s firewall/router.

You will now be able to trigger actions in the simulator using the buttons on the remote control.

Some controls such as “Reset” and “Eject” require a double click.

Right-click on any control to assign input from your keyboard or joystick.

Just press any key/button or move your joystick to assign the control. 


In DCS World you may add triggers associated to flags 1001 – 1008 which you can activate via Custom Commands. A single click sets the flag value to 1 and a double click sets the flag value to 2.

Remote Control Triggers.png


Press “Toggle Focus” to set the focus on the remote control of your choice and fly away!

If you have more than one Remote Control associated to the same inputs, you can use the “Exclusive Focus” to make the inputs affect only that Remote Control.

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