With DCS World, X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepare3D, you can connect Tacview to the flight simulator in real-time. Here's how:

On the Same Computer

  1. Start flying in your favourite flight simulator
  2. Open Tacview
  3. Go to Recording -> Real-Time Telemetry, enter localhost as your address, and Connect.
    RTT Same Computer.png
    You should start seeing your flight in Tacview immediately

On Two Different Local Computers

  1. Start flying in your favorite simulator on Computer # 1.
  2. Make sure you know the Local IP Address of this computer – open a command prompt and type ipconfig to find it.
    RTT Local IP.png
  3. Open Tacview on computer #2
  4. Go to Recording -> Real-Time Telemetry, enter the Local IP Address of computer #1 and click Connect.
    RTT Different Computer Same Network.png

On Two Computers on Different Networks

  1. Make sure the port you will be using (default port is 42674) is open/redirected on your firewall.
  2. The host must advise the client of the host's public IP address and Tacview Host Telemetry Password if applicable. Leave password field blank if no password is desired.
    What is my IP Google.png
  3. The host starts flying in their favourite simulator
  4. The client opens Tacview and goes to Recording -> Real-Time Telemetry, enters the Public IP Address of the host, along with port and password as applicable, and clicks Connect.
    RTT Different Computer Different Network.png
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