Host Instructions

If you are planning on debriefing on Internet, make sure the online debriefing port (by default, 42673) is properly redirected on your router.  If you are debriefing over a LAN, make sure the port is open on your firewall.

Open Recording -> Online Debriefing

Online Debriefing 1.png

For a debriefing on Internet, let your “clients” know your Public IP Address

For a debriefing on a LAN, let your “clients” know your Local IP Address (open a command prompt and type ipconfig to find it)

Online Debriefing 2.png

Click “Host” to launch an online debriefing session.

Client Instructions

Open Recording -> Online Debriefing

Online Debriefing 3.png

Enter the host’s IP address (public for Internet, local for LAN)

Click Join. Connection should be almost instantaneous. If connection fails, double-check the host IP address and confirm with the host that the port is open or redirected.


  • Host and clients must open the same .acmi file in Tacview’s 3D view (or their respective .acmi files recorded from the same session). Make sure the clients have all the necessary data files such as terrain, static objects and media files. (Tacview will not transfer any such data during the connection)
  •  A list of participants appears in the bottom left of the screen
  • Control may be transferred between participants by the host. To transfer control to a participant, click on their name. The participant who has control will be flagged “(instructor)”.
  • The participant who has control may control time and cameras and may select objects, which will be reflected on everyone’s screens. (note that objects may not be added or deleted during online debrief)
  • Parts of the 3D view which are not visible to everyone will be greyed out. Avoid using these areas during the debriefing.
  • Hold down SHIFT to display a laser pointer which can be moved around with the mouse.
  • Host and any client may SHIFT+CLICK on an object to highlight it for everyone. 
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