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Steam asks me for admin rights every time I launch Tacview.[]

Tacview only needs administrator privileges one time after each update, in order to update the export scripts for simulators installed on the computer.

If Tacview asks for administrator privileges more often, check Steam\logs\installscript_log.txt . If Tacview is failing to create and/or access the file Tacview\runasadmin.vdf , it could be that the admin you are using does not have access to that folder. Check the security properties of all folders leading to Tacview and correct the rights as necessary.

3D View / Display Issues[]

3D objects are showing in Tacview as wireframes[]

3d objects wireframe

First, try updating your drivers.

If that doesn't resolve the issue, try a clean reinstall from scratch of your nVidia drivers & GeForce Experience, and/or your Intel drivers & Intel Graphics Command Center, as applicable, resetting all settings to default.

Other Versions of Windows[]

I have Windows N and I am getting error message when I try to install and/or run Tacview.[]

Make sure you have installed the Media Feature Pack.

Start → Settings → Apps → Apps & features → Optional features → Add a feature → Media Feature Pack

Then re-boot your computer.