Tacview Wiki

Customizing the values displayed on the labels[]

Find the Display Objects IDs menu below the 3D view and open it to find the Selected Objects Labels and Unselected Aircraft Labels submenus. From each submenu choose which labels you want to see.

Selected Object Labels

For unselected non-aircraft objects, Tacview will take care of de-cluttering the labels. See below for more options.

Customizing the distance at which the labels are displayed[]

Tacview has several methods of decluttering labels in the 3D view. If they are not working for you, you can change some of the options.

First, make sure you are running at least Tacview 1.9.3 beta 10.

Next, open Windows Registry and import the registry keys found here:



Notice that you have to deal separately with Tacview beta and Tacview stable.

In the registry key, Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raia Software Inc.\Tacview (beta)\Global\Display\Labels, and/or Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raia Software Inc.\Tacview\Global\Display\Labels, make the desired changes.

Labels Registry

The distances are in meters.

For ships which do not have engagement ranges, use lowThreatLabelDistance. If it does have an engagement range, use SAMLabelDistance.